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Here’s What Dr. Ron’s Patients Have to Say About Him...

Here are some testimonials from my patients. I’ve included a Table of Contents below with the patient’s name and what their health problem was that I helped them with. You can either go through all of these testimonials one by one, or you can use the Table of Contents below to just read the ones you are interested in.

The first set of testimonials are from patients who have been treated by me in my clinic. After that, I’ve included a number of testimonials from people who have used my book, "Get Your Life Back: The Ultimate Guide To Healing A Herniated Disc," to get better.

“I would strongly recommend anybody to come to you instead of going to a surgeon...”

Lisa Writt Testimonial
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“Hey Dr. Ron – this is Lisa Writt, just calling to tell you my story. I’ve basically had a bad back since I was a kid – I had arthritis. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was in a car accident and came out of it with a herniated disc.

I was treated for that – went through therapy, massage, and all that, and it didn’t help. Then, a few years ago, I fell in my kitchen, and I’m guessing that’s how I got the second herniated disc.

After that my pain was really, really bad. I went and had an EMG done and they couldn’t specify which nerves were being affected, and the EMG was very, very painful.

My family doctor sent me to a surgeon, and I was told by him that my only two options were to get cortisone shots, or if that didn’t work, have back surgery. He said a lot of people wind up worse with the surgery, or it doesn’t help at all, and very few feel better.

So, I went to go get the cortisone shots at St. Catherine’s Hospital and wound up in the waiting room for 5 hours, and during that time I spoke with a lot of the patients there waiting for their cortisone shots. The story I got from about 20 people was that sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t – there’s no guarantee. And, from what I’ve read, it damages your back more.

So, anyways, I decided not to get the shots, and I found out about your practice from my father, and the first treatment I had from you relieved the pain from the pinched nerve that I had, and it’s just been getting better ever since then.

When I went to that surgeon, I felt that I was heading to the point where I was going to be in a wheelchair – that’s how bad my pain was and how much it affected my everyday life.

Like I said, you got rid of that right away, and with my discs, I’ve had a lot of improvement. You got rid of that sciatica pain also, and that was really, really something. I’ve had a lot of improvement in my neck and you got rid of my headaches also. It’s all good!

I would strongly recommend anybody to come to you instead of going to a surgeon.”

–Lisa Writt

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Table of Contents: Testimonials

Testimonials From Dr. Ron's Patients Testimonials From People Who Have Used Dr. Ron's Book, "Get Your Life Back: The Ultimate Guide To Healing A Herniated Disc"
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